I just finished Harry Potter and the cursed child



As others have said it feels like a fanfiction. Not only did it feel like a fanfiction but a fanfiction crossover with someone else’s work! Everything that WAS new was done before on Once upon a time!
Here’s is a list of what I think may have been “borrowed” spoilers beware.

1. On that show there is a fan theory that THEIR “dark one” rumple and his best student had a child together, that child being Regina. The producers have purpously left that theory open ended for the fans to interpret themselves.

2 the entire plot of season 3b once upon a time revolved around time travel, as well as this story. There is a character named Zelena who came in here.

3. Zelena also disguises herself as someone innocent at first to get near the heroes on that show to try to get ingredients for her own time travel spell.

4. Zelena and Delphi both were raised in a place far away from their birth and their presence is pretty much unknown to anyone in their country. why didn’t Delphi get an invite to Hogwarts? I didn’t know the place discriminated like that.

5. Zelena and Delphi both want to travel back in time to try to prevent the “hero” from hurting their parent. Zelena thinks Snow’s mother prevented her mother from becoming queen and Delphi thinks Harry prevented Lord Voldemort from rising to power.

6. In the end….both just want to meet their birth parents.